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COMPASS Pol Amber Gold Mirror, Gloss Black

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Limited Edition WX COMPASS with Polarized Amber Gold Mirror lenses and Gloss Black frame.

Wiley X Limited Edition sunglasses is known by four characteristics:

  • Special colors and combinations that are not part of our usual selection of sunglasses.

  • Our Limited products is only for sale as long as stock is available, due to a limited number of each pair.

  • Our Limited editions meet the same safety standards as all our other sunglasses.

  • WX COMPASS Is part of our Climate Control series, which comes with a removable foam gasket (Facial CavityTM Seal) that protects your eyes against wind, dust and dirt.


FEATURES ANSI HVPEN.166 FPolarizedRemovable Facial Cavity™ Seal
COATINGS Hard CoatingHydrophobicAnti-Reflective
LENS COLOR Polarized Amber Gold Mirror
HEAD SIZE Medium - Large