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KOBE Pol Amber Gold Mirror
Gloss Hickory Brown Frame

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The Gloss Hickory Brown Frame combined with lightweight Polarized Amber Gold Mirrored lenses is an ideal choice for enjoying all kinds of outdoor activity. The WX KOBE is flexible and durable thanks to a TriloidTM nylon frame. The Gloss brown finish enhances the modern look and details of the frame. Rubber injected nose piece for optimal grip and comfort.

The polarized lens provides the user with a better vision and allows the eyes to feel more comfortable and well rested. Most users will find polarized lenses immensely helpful in improving the clarity and quality of their daytime vision.  Polarized Wiley X lenses reduce glare and the special material and filter makes it easier to see into the water and therefore also makes it ideal to watersports.

The Wiley X Filter 8™ Polarized Venice Gold Mirror (Amber) polycarbonate lenses are great for sunny conditions and the polarized version is ideal for fishing in shallow water and target shooting. The WX polarized lenses provides 100% UV protection and is coated with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating protected by the T-Shell™ scratch resistant layers.


FEATURES ANSI HVPEN.166 FPolarizedPrescription Ready
COATINGS Hard CoatingHydrophobicAnti-Reflective
LENS COLOR Polarized Gold Mirror Amber
FRAME COLOR Gloss Hickory Brown
HEAD SIZE Small - Medium
FRAME SIZE 60/18/118