27. November 2014


Four Innovative Models in a Wide Range of Flashy, ASTM F803-rated Frames Deliver Sports Protective Eyewear Young Athletes Will Want to Wear.

The company that for more than 25 years has protected the eyes of the soldiers, law enforcement, factory workers and participants in active sports like fishing, hunting and competitive shooting, has now set its sights on protecting Europe’s most precious resources  – our children and youngsters!.  

Wiley X®, Inc. has launched a completely new line of Prescription-Ready Young Force™ Sports Protective Eyewear models for 2015, providing a range of frame sizes, styles and colors to meet the needs of young athletes.

This new product line marks a new beginning, as it is the first time Wiley X® has developed a protective eyewear line for children. The official European presentation of the new product line will take place at the OPTI show in Munich in January 2015.

The Young Force™ collection consists of 12 color combinations across four designs fitting children ages 6 to 13+, and they all fulfill the function and design requirements to sports eyewear, set by today’s children and youngsters. The models, WX Flash, WX Victory, WX Fierce & WX Gamer are designed and developed in close co-operation with skilled opticians from different countries, and based on several years of knowledge and development of protective eyewear used on the battlefield.

In keeping with Wiley X’s eye protection roots, all Young Force™ models meet the ASTM F803 sports protective eyewear standard for maximum protection. As ASTM F803 certified eyewear, Young Force™ withstands a direct hit from a football or basketball travelling at speeds up to 150 km/h without the frame or lenses breaking.

A new feature on this type of eyewear is that all models are quickly turned from a traditional sports spectacle with temples to a sporty goggle with an elastic headband. A simple push of a button releases the temple, which is replaced by the elastic headband for when the going gets tough.

All Young Force™ models are delivered with clear safety rated lenses, but they can easily be glazed with prescription lenses by authorized opticians – so no children must do without maximum eye protection in their spare time and when engaging in their favorite sports. Wiley X Europe LLC co-operates with one of the leading manufacturers of prescription lenses, which enables quick and easy ordering of high quality lenses for the optician.

“We are very happy about launching our innovative and cool collection of sports eyewear to Europe’s children and youngsters”, says, Wiley X Europe CEO & co-owner, Jan Mikkelsen. “We designed the line with quality, safety and style in mind, and the child friendly colors and matching accessories, I’m convinced, will be loved by children and youngsters both on and off the pitch. With our long tradition of developing and providing advanced vision protection, we as parents can be confident that our children’s eyes are well-protected during all sports and spare time activities”, added Jan Mikkelsen.

The Young Force collection will be available in shops in February.

To see the full Young Force catalog click here: http://issuu.com/wileyxeuropellc/docs/wx_-_young_force_2015_catalog_gb?e=4432964/10318521