8. August 2014

Individual spinning World Champion Martin Forbak joins the Wiley X European Fishing Team

Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the World and the only manufacturer who certifies all models as protective eyewear. Wiley X provides protective eyewear to military units and law enforcement personnel all around the world including the US Navy, US Army and D.E.A., as well as many European forces. Besides protective eyewear for governmental use Wiley X carries a wide range of fashion, motorcycle, airsoft, hunting and fishing models for the great outdoors. To help prescription lens users, Wiley X has carefully chosen one of the leading lens manufacturers to provide high quality prescription lenses which fully comply with European safety standards.

Individual spinning World Champion Martin Forbak states:
“I was very pleased to be asked to join the Wiley X team. I have been wearing Wiley X glasses for several seasons and I´m absolutely satisfied with them. Before I began using the Wiley X glasses, I needed to wear many alternative glasses with many different colors of polarized lenses, but since I began using Wiley X , I don’t need to change models all the time, because the colors Wiley X uses is appropriate for various fishing conditions. The great quality of the polarized filter and the Wiley X anti-fog system is totally necessary for my favorite trout spinning on clear waters. Thanks to it, I´m able to see the profile of the river bottom and fish reactions to my lure comfortably. Last but not least the Wiley X eyewear selection gives me the feeling of eye safety and protection. I´m looking forward to closer co-operation with Wiley X and I hope that we will make few refinements or new models together. ”

Thomas Wæver, V.P. and Outdoor Director at Wiley X Europe states:
“Signing the new 2014 individual spinning World Champion Martin Forbak is yet another great boost for the Wiley X European Fishing Team, a team only holding the best of the best. Martin, despite of his young age is a World known trout angler, who has been attending the World Championship since 2004 with impressive results. Martin has been a long term member of the National Slovakian spin fishing team. Winning the Team Gold in 2010, 2013 and in 2014, Martin crowned his impressive carrier by the victory of the individual World Championship in 2014.
I warmly welcome Martin to our team and I look forward to be working closely together with Martin in the future, gaining from his great fishing and gear expertise and I personally thank him for trusting Wiley X.”