16. June 2014

Wiley X appoints Thomas Jacks Ltd as its outdoor and hunting/shooting distributor for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the World and the only manufacturer who certifies all its models as protective eyewear according to the European norm (EN.166) and the American norm (Z87-2). Wiley X provides protective eyewear to military units and law enforcement personnel all around the world including US Navy, US Infantry, D.E.A., as well as many European forces.

To help prescription lens users Wiley X has carefully chosen one of the leading lens manufacturers to provide high quality prescription lenses, which comply with the European safety standards.

Martin Gosbell, Managing Director:
“Thomas Jacks is pleased to expand its already successful relationship with Wiley X. Having supplied Wiley X eyewear to the tactical market for some time we know their products give the highest level of performance, protection and value, but we now have the opportunity to offer the Wiley X range to more of our key markets. Add this to the great product and marketing support we receive from this market leading brand and we have some exciting times ahead.”

Thomas Wæver, European Vice President and Outdoor Director:
“Having been working with Thomas Jacks on the tactical market in the UK for some years now and being able to follow the Wiley X growth in this market, it was natural to add the outdoor market as well as the hunting/shooting market to their portfolio. Thomas Jacks has the perfect setup to grow the Wiley X business across all these new markets and Wiley X looks forward to growing the business in both the UK and Republic of Ireland for many years to come in close partnership with Thomas Jacks."

Thomas Jacks:
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