16. April 2014

Wiley X appoints Leeda as exclusive fishing distributor UK and Southern Ireland.

Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the World and the only manufacturer, who certifies all models as protective eyewear according to the European norm (EN.166) and the American norm (Z87-2). Wiley X provides protective eyewear to military units and law enforcement personnel all around the world including US Navy, US Infantry, D.E.A. as well as many European forces.
Wiley X fishing eyewear is known worldwide for its many special features that help anglers all across the globe to reach their highest performance. Features like; World patented Gasket System, filter 8TMpolarized lenses, wraparound design and optical clarity.
To help prescription lens users Wiley X has carefully chosen one of the leading lens manufacturers to provide high quality prescription lenses, which comply with the European safety standards.

Graham Snaddon, Wholesale Brand Manager states:
“At Leeda we pride ourselves on our selection of high quality brands, ensuring that each brand has the potential of being a market leader in it’s field. When we looked at Wiley X we quickly saw that this was like nothing else on the market, offering a far greater level of performance and protection than even higher priced UK brands. This is sure to be a winner and we greatly look forward to the launch on May 1st. ”

Thomas Wæver, European Vice president and Outdoor director states:
“Top, top professional company – I don’t know how else to describe Leeda. From day one and until the agreement has been made, I have never been working with more professional persons or company. Leeda as a company has the right set up, great products for all kind of fishing, the philosophy of only wanting to improve on every level and is run by people one can only admire. Wiley X will have a bright future in all of UK and Southern Ireland and Leeda will be the company to ensure this. I look forward to be working closely with the Leeda Team for many, many years to come and I personally welcome Leeda into the fast growing Wiley X family of carefully selected European distributors.."

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