14. April 2014

Wiley X appoints E&V West Coast Distribution Centre Ltd as exclusive distributor for Cyprus.

Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the World and the only manufacturer, who certifies all models as protective eyewear according to the European norm (EN.166) and the American norm (Z87-2). Wiley X provides protective eyewear to military units and law enforcement personnel all around the world including US Navy, US Infantry, D.E.A. as well as many European forces.
Wiley X fishing eyewear is known worldwide for its many special features that help anglers all across the globe to reach their highest performance. Features like; World patented gasket system, Filter 8TM polarized lenses, wraparound design and state-of-the-art optical clarity.
To help prescription lens users Wiley X has carefully chosen one of the leading lens manufacturers to provide high quality prescription lenses, which comply with the European safety standards.

Elia Ioannou, managing director states:
“We are very excited to include the Wiley X brand of products to our portfolio and look forward to supplying the Cyprus market with premium protection eyewear.  As an established distribution company we strive to offer the finest quality products and product support to our retailers, and we are confident that with partnering with Wiley X we will be able to continue this service.
Thank you Wiley X for including us in your family, we look forward to work with you.“    

Thomas Wæver, European Vice president and Outdoor director states:
“Elia Ioannou and his dedicated team will cover all Wiley X markets in Cyprus. I have wanted to work with Elia for some time and I’m thrilled that we finally made the exclusive agreement. Knowing Elia, I know and expect of him to do well with our unique products as Cyprus hold many of the specialized markets that Wiley X operates in. Outdoor-, hunting- and fishing markets will be some markets that I look forward to see grow. Wiley X Europe warmly welcomes Elia Ioannou and his team to the fast growing Wiley X distributor family and we look forward to be working closely together with them for many years to come and together grow the Wiley X markets in Cyprus."

E&V West Coast Distribution Centre Ltd:
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