31. January 2014

Wiley X Europe appoints Damasec as distributor for the Outdoor- and Tactical Retail markets in Denmark.

Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the world and the only manufacturer which certifies all models as protective eyewear. Wiley X provides protective eyewear to military units and law enforcement personnel all around the world including the US Navy, US Army and D.E.A., as well as many European forces. Besides protective eyewear for governmental use Wiley X carries a wide range of fashion, motorcycle, airsoft, hunting and fishing models for the great outdoors. To help prescription lens users Wiley X has carefully chosen one of the leading lens manufacturers to provide high quality prescription lenses, which fully comply with European safety standards.

Michael Hornø, Director at Damasec states:
"Damasec look forward to the cooperation with Willey X, we see it as a strengthening of our product portfolio.  The quality, performance and brand image of Willey X is a good match to our existing line of high end products. We are sure that both companies will benefit from the synergi the cooperation will bring. Damasec is already well established in sale to the tactical retail market and with Willey X as another quality line in the program, we also expect to increase our sale to the outdoor retail market in general. Damasec is mostly known as a company supplying the professional defense and security market. But in the past years we have had a strong growth in the retail market mainly to tactical and outdoor retailers, with Wiley X onboard we are sure our growth will continue."

Thomas Wæver, V.P. - Outdoor Director at Wiley X Europe states:
"Wiley X considers Denmark as our home market, and therefore we been very careful in our selection of the right distributor for the Outdoor- and Tactical Retail markets in Denmark. Several volunteered, but the choice was easy to make, when Damasec entered the scene. Damasec will without any doubt build on to the foundation Wiley X has already established for some years. We look very much forward to work with Damasec and together raise the Outdoor- and Tactical Retail markets in Denmark to an even higher level than before.  Wiley X Europe welcomes Damasec to the fast growing European Wiley X distributor family."

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