3. September 2015

New Partner

It is now official that we partnered up with Remington Arms.

Soon we will proudly present a new Premium Eyewear line to the hunters and sports shooters in Europe.

REMINGTON PLATINUM GRADE is a range of lightweight and cool designed glasses for hunting, shooting and other high intensity outdoor activities that require full field of vision, but where your eyes might also be exposed to sudden danger. All models are available with an adjustable nosepiece and double injected rubber temples for high comfort under physical activity, and a 2,2mm polycarbonate lens with 100 % UV protection in either clear, grey or a contrast enhancing color.

REMINGTON PLATINUM GRADE consists of 3 different models for men, women and juniors. The styles are available with either a single lens or as a package holding up to 5 different colored interchangeable lenses.

All models are tested and certified to ANSI Z87.1 and EN.166

Read the article in the Remington magazine: