9. May 2016

Wiley X protects your eyes to the maximum – on and off the water

Don’t take your vision for granted. Accidents happen both when fishing or in everyday life, and regular sunglasses might not protect your most crucial asset – your vision. Thankfully, as the only outdoor eyewear brand to offer certified safety, Wiley X has got your eyes covered.

Henrik explains: “I arrived at a local forest with the large wood chipper that I just hired, and I realized that I forgot my safety glasses. This fierce machine displays multiple large warnings underlining the importance of wearing eye and ear protection when using. Searching both my car and summer cottage for safety glasses, I suddenly smiled when my old Wiley X model P-17 came to the surface (the glasses that most likely have saved my eyesight on my right eye). Halfway through my pile of wood I was challenged with a three meter long Elm tree hardwood log, approximately 20 cm in diameter, very knobbly and bend. I slid it into the machine with the engine running and all was good. I let go of the log with two meters left, which was a mistake, turning to pick up a new log.

“The next thing I remember was my glasses being slammed into my head with the glass in full contact with my eyeball, and a gigantic punch to my head. I realized that my Wiley X P-17 did not survive the blow from the log, but I endured this accident with only a big black eye, dents, bruises and a broken nose. I feel so lucky that my eyesight was spared, thanks to my Wiley X eyewear – because just thinking how lesser quality safety glasses would have injured my face and eyes gives me goosebumps.

At the hospital the doctor that inspected my wounds stated that the eyewear I was wearing saved my right eye.”