20. July 2016

Putting it to the test

In May we invited GTW to the Wiley X EMEA headquarter. They had to see the quality and durability of our eyewear for themselves. Here is a section from the article they wrote about their experience with Wiley X.

"Here at GTW, we see many products with bold claims that “this is the best X on the market” or “no-one makes a better Y”. Over the last year Wiley X’s marketing campaign for its protective eyewear has centred on the fact that it’s entire range of hunting/shooting glasses meets or exceed the hardest eyewear tests in the world – the military ballistic standards.

So when Wiley X Europe (now EMEA) vice-president and director, outdoor department, Thomas Wæver invited Gun Trade World to its headquarters in Vemb, Denmark to test the eyewear for itself, we jumped at the chance. the impressive premises have recently been expanded to accommodate a growing company and make space for an inspirational showroom where buyers can see the entire range and learn about the different standards and tests that they have to meet or pass.

This is of little consequence if the product doesn’t actually do what it is meant to. Our first test was actually to try out the eyewear for lens clarity and comfort, so we took to a boat and spent the morning chasing pike with Thomas. Swapping styles and lens colours allowed me to get a feel for the clarity of each lens, the effectiveness of different colours and, of course, the polarization abilities, not to mention how comfortable they felt in driving winds and warm sunshine. They were certainly not found wanting in any of these departments. they were comfortable enough to allow you to forget you were wearing them – until you took them off and realised what a massive advantage you gained through the polarized lenses, which allow you to cut the glare of the water and see, not only the lake’s topography, but also the fish themselves as they reacted to various lure movements."

To see the whole article and read more about the impressive results of testing click here.