1. January 2018


Wiley X confirmed another distribution deal agreed at its hugely successful showing at EFTTEX 2017 - this time with Hungarian-based fishmedia. hu Kft. Wiley X, one of the world's leading manufacturers of protective polarised eyewear, has yet again expanded its global supply with the appointment of fishmedia.hu Kft as its official distributor for the fishing market in Hungary.

Tue deal between the two companies was agreed in principle at EFTTEX 2017 in Budapest in fishmedia.hu's home country and has now been confirmed, with both parties confident of a mutually beneficial working relationship.
Founder and managing director of fishmedia.hu Kft, Zoltån Szab6, is eager to represent Wiley X in Hungary.

He said: "Exactly five years ago, a smiling Danish man pressed a hammer into my hand asking me to break his sunglasses. That was the start of a close friendship and I
have been wearing Wiley X sunglasses ever since. ¨

"Like my fishing tackle, l'm always looking for the hest of the hest, and in Wiley X polarised produets I have found just that. Tue polarised filter that Wiley X uses is second to none. But the safety aspect is also very important for my team and me. Wiley X sunglasses provide anglers with
a clear field of view as well as letting the user relax during fishing, knowing their eyes are fully protected from flying lures. Tue Wi!ey X gasket system is also a great attribute for anglers, especially when they're using a high-powered boat to get to their favourite fishing spot.
"It was a special pleasure for me to sign the distributor agreement during EFTTEX, because it was held in my homeland of Hungary this year, and as Wiley X picked up the Best New Eyewear award. Fishmedia.hu Kft is looking forward to taking Wi!ey X produets into the marker and letting the Hungarian angling business know about the great features they possess."