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WX WEEKENDER, Lenses: CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror, Frame: Crystal Blush

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Tell Monday through Friday to hit the bricks!
The WX WEEKENDER combines fashion and functionality in one stylish pair of sunglasses. Slip-free, lightweight, and comfortable enough for all-day wear, this model is everything you love in a pair of sunglasses—built for performance and ready for the weekend. With the WX WEEKENDER you are ensured an elegant and stylish look with a classic appeal.

LENSES: CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror
The lenses have a high-performance on slightly cloudy/overcast days, as well as they reduce orange and blue peaks, which allow greens and yellows to appear more vivid. Additionally, they reduce glare across reflective surfaces, and have an ideal Visible Light Transmission % (VLT) for changing light conditions.
100% UVA/UVB protective
Blue Light (HEV) protective
Lens base color: Green

- Bright sun / Changing Light
- Activities with contrasting landscapes, such as hiking or golf, as the lenses highlight yellows and greens.
- General water activities
- General daytime outdoor activities

Leash Cord

Can be made with prescription lenses. Use our dealer locator to find a Wiley X dealer near you to help make your prescription lenses. You can find our Dealer Locator under Quick Links, at the bottom of the page.


FEATURES ANSI HVPEN.166 SPolarizedPrescription Ready
COATINGS Hard CoatingAnti-ReflectiveOleophobic
LENS COLOR CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror
FRAME COLOR Crystal Blush
HEAD SIZE Small - Medium
FRAME SIZE 57 / 16 / 125
FIT Medium wrap: Base Curve 6 (slightly curved frame)