Item number: LEWAV10

WAVE Captivate Blue Mirror
Kryptek Pontus

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Limited Edition WX WAVE with CAPTIVATETM Blue Mirror and Kryptek Pontus frame.

Wiley X Limited Edition sunglasses is known by four characteristics:

  • Special colors and combinations that are not part of our usual selection of sunglasses.

  • Our Limited products is only for sale as long as stock is available, due to a limited number of each pair.

  • Our Limited editions meet the same safety standards as all our other sunglasses.

  • When purchasing a Limited-Edition product, you automatically get an original WILEY X CAMELBAK Chute Mag. (Item number. CCMBO.6)


FEATURES ANSI HVPEN.166 FPolarizedRemovable Facial Cavity SealRX Ready
COATINGS Hard CoatingAnti ReflectiveOleophobic
LENS COLOR Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror
FRAME COLOR Kryptek Pontus
HEAD SIZE Small - Medium
FRAME SIZE 64 / 18 / 125