Item number: A714H

WX Counter Mat, Blue Lens

A counter mat is a perfect tool for capturing the attention of your customers and truly draw their eye to the Wiley X brand.

The cool and timeless, dark design, with a close-up picture of the Wiley X eyewear in a slick, deep, dark blue color creates a clean and beautiful expression together with the white contrast logo, which really accentuates the Wiley X brand. As such, you are ensured an elegant surface, so you can give a gentle showing of the products to your customers. The counter mat is slightly shiny and designed in polyester, which makes it easy to clean and more durable. The bottom is made of natural rubber, which provides great support and ensures that it sticks to almost all surfaces it is laid on.

- Measurements: 60 x 40cm x 2mm
- Color: Black w/ blue lens design and white contrast logo
- Material: Polyester fabric and Natural rubber


COLOR Black w/ blue lens design
SIZE 60 x 40cm x 2mm