Item number: WXDISSB

WX Storage Base, For Counter Display

Do you need storage space to your Counter Display? Well, a storage base sounds like the ideal solution for you!
Our WX Storage Base is a simple and nice addition to your Counter Display, which ensures you easy storage of your Wiley X products in one place.
Maybe you need the space, so you can have extra Wiley X eyewear right at hand, or maybe you simply think it would be nice with some room for the empty packaging from the eyewear in the display? In the storage base you can hide it all. The storage base is made of metal and has been given a powder coated matte black finish as well as a tone-on-tone Wiley X logo on the front. The back of the storage base is designed in the same colors and look as the front and the Counter Display. In this way, you get a complete look, when mounting the storage base.

- Matte black finish
- Wiley X tone-on-tone logo
- A key is included – It has the same lock system as the Counter Display, meaning that you can use the same key for both units
- 4 bolts are included to the mounting on the Counter Display

Feet are not included, but the feet on the Counter Display can be moved to the storage base, when the unit is mounted with the included bolts onto the Counter Display.

NB: The storage base is open at the top, as it has been designed to function as a fully integrable unit to the Counter Display.