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WX VAPOR 2.5, Shield: Against Red Laser, Frame: Matte Black

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Fearlessness, boldness, and versatility!
The WX VAPOR infuses its lightweight frame with an aggressive design, an outstanding field of view, and thin rubber-tipped temples to give a unique, bold look, packed with versatility. The flexible frame guarantees a fit on all head shapes, and the rubberized Twist Lock nosepiece ensures a superior grip during almost any activity. Designed with style and comfort in mind, the WX VAPOR is here to keep you safe from unexpected impacts.
The WX VAPOR Laser Eye Protection offers unparalleled protection from harmful lasers, while maintaining a high transmission of light, making operations round the clock feasible. With protection from several visible- and NIR-lasers combinations in different configuration kits, you have the power to change the lenses needed to mitigate the threats and hazards of disorientation, dazzle, optical distortion, and short- and long-term eye damage.

Laser Eye Protection 2 – Protection against red laser
Red laser is the most easily obtainable laser color, found in laser pointers for both civilian and military use.
The LEP 2 is optimized to protect against the most common red lasers, with a wavelength of 650 Nm at an optical density of 4+, and against violet lasers with a wavelength of 405 Nm at an optical density of 2+.
Additionally, wavelengths in the vicinity of these are also attenuated to a varying degree.

► Light transmission
Visible Light Transmission 36% of all visible light.
Day-adapted eye, photopic transmission (IVPT) 47%
Night-adapted eye, scotopic transmission (IVST) 75%

► Optical Density
Wavelengths Nm     Optical density
405                           2+
635                           2+
640                           3+
650                           4+
660                           3+

Leash Cord, Adjustable Twist Lock Nosepiece, Rubberized Temples

Can be made with prescription lenses, using a Prescription Insert (TLRX). Use our dealer locator to find a Wiley X dealer near you to help make your prescription lenses. You can find our Dealer Locator under Quick Links, at the bottom of the page.

There is no laser lens that can protect you against all laser threats or hazards. You should always make sure you understand the power of your laser threat and its operating wavelength when deciding which wavelength(s) you need your glasses to attenuate and at what optical density.


SERIES Changeable
FEATURES ANSI HVPEN.166 FPrescription ReadyBallistic ALaser Lenses
COATINGS Hard CoatingAnti-Fog
Specifications Sheet
LENS COLOR Blue - Protection against red lasers
HEAD SIZE Small - Xxl
FRAME SIZE 44 / 25 / 120
FIT High wrap: Base Curve 7 (highly curved frame)